Dorgard - Automatic Fire Door Closer

Solve the problem of wedged open fire doors with Dorgard

Wedging open a fire door is illegal, dangerous and opens an employer to the risk of personal prosecution.

A closed fire door can stop a fire in it's tracks. Unfortunately, in many thousands of buildings across the country, fire door are routinely propped open with wedges, waste bins fire extinguishers or whatever maybe close to hand.

In the event of a fire, this hazardous practice will almost certainly guarantee the fire spreads more quickly, causes more damage and ultimately puts people's lives and property under much greater threat.

There is a cost effective alternative. One that can keep each and every one of your fire doors open at any time of day or night, and can do so easily safely and legally.

Cost effective solution.

Dorgard is a simple, reliable acoustic device that holds a fire door open in any position and then automatically releases the door should a fire alarm sound.

The Dorgard is:

Fast, automatic fire door release when alarm sounds.
Conforms to new BS7273-4:2007 Category C.
Installs in under 5 minutes.
Easy, foot-operated manual release/adjustment operation.
Automatic night-time release facility.
Operates on sound of fire alarm.
Smart unobtrusive design in a choice of black, red white or mahogany.
Battery operated, wire free.
Integral power-on LED indicator.
Low battery, automatic door release.
Floor plate for especially heavy doors or slippery floor surfaces.
Improves access for wheelchair users in line with DDA
Complies fully with all relevant British Standards, EC Directives and UK
fire legislation. Now also TÜV tested


Dorgard has been installed in schools, theatres, hospitals and stately homes and is the ideal solution for stopping the dangerous culture of wedging fire doors open with fire extinguishers or wedges etc. Dorgard has been accepted by fire brigades throughout the UK.

What's in the box?

1 x 2nd generation Dorgard.
1 x floor plate.
4 x fixing screws – for Dorgard.
4 x fixing screws and plugs - for the floor plate.
2 x C size alkaline batteries
Fitting template, user guide, "Do not use" card and fire door sticker.

How does Dorgard work?

Dorgard has a plunger that holds the door open in the desired position. If the fire alarm sounds, Dorgard's plunger automatically retracts and releases the door, allowing it to close.Dorgard is battery-operated and therefore there is no need for expensive wiring.

Floor Plate:

The floor plate (included in the kit) is fitted to the floor using 4 screws.

Fire doors weighing more than 120Kg, with a closing force in excess of 120nm (about 15kg force, 800mm from the hinge) must have the floor plate installed in combination with the Dorgard unit. Dorgard can hold a fire door open safely without the floor plate if the door's weight and closing force are less than that above.

A floor plate is recommended when:
1:The fire door has a strong door closer that causes the door to 'creep' closed even with a Dorgard fitted.
2:The floor is slippery or very smooth.


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New Wire Free Dorgard 'X' Series.


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