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PHOTO LUMINESCENT signs PHOTO-LUMINESCENT signs absorb light energy and then glow in the dark.
NHS type (with flames) available on request.
  WHITE Signs
WHITE Signs These rigid PVC signs should only be used in well lit areas, otherwise photo-luminescent signs may be more appropriate.
  Metal Signs
Metal Signs Stainless Steel and brushed metal effect signs

In addition to the fire equipment manufactured and supplied by MFS Fire, we also provide all the relevant signage and fire safety signs that enable your building, office block or workspace to be properly signposted in the event of a fire taking place. The right fire safety signs could mean the difference between getting out of a building affected by fire quickly and calmly or becoming disorientated, losing your sense of direction in a fog of rapidly descending smoke. Here at MFS Fire we spend a great deal of time in perfecting our full range of fire signs, offering normal plain fire signs that indicate everything from fire extinguishers or hose reels to fire exits and fire blankets.