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Useful Information

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AFFF Foam Spray Extinguishers

AFFF Foam Spray Extinguishers

Used for SOLIDS such as paper, wood, plastic and FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS such as paraffin, petrol, oil etc.
All extinguishers are fully re-chargeable, and serviceable.


Technical Information.

  • Spray nozzle.
  • Squeeze grip operation.
  • Corrosion resistant finish.
  • Internal polyethylene lining.
  • BSEN3 approved including 35kV dialectirc test
  • Protective plastic base. *
*Excludes 2 litre size & below.

PLEASE NOTE that fire extinguishers should be installed and commisioned by a competent person in accordance with BS 5306.
9L AFFF Foam Spray Extinguisher 27A 233B (FXF9)
  £33.55 Excl VAT

6L AFFF Foam Spray Extinguisher 21A 144B (FXF6)
  £27.68 Excl VAT

6L AFFF Firechief POWER PLUS Spray Foam Extinguisher 27A 183B (PPF6)
  £51.03 Excl VAT
3L AFFF Foam Spray Extinguisher 13A 89B (FXF3)
  £25.22 Excl VAT

2L AFFF Foam Spray Extinguisher 8A 55B (FXF2)
  £20.07 Excl VAT

1L AFFF Firemax Spray Foam Extinguisher 5A 21B (FMF1)
  £15.00 Excl VAT

9L AFFF 21A 183B Foam Extinguisher CARTRIDGE OPERATED

9L AFFF 21A 183B Foam Extinguisher CARTRIDGE OPERATED

  • 9L AFFF CARTRIDGE OPERATED Foam Extinguisher
  • Manufactured in accordance with BSEN3
  • CE approved
  • MED approved
9L Gas Cartridge AFFF Foam Extinguisher (FPF9C)
  £57.21 Excl VAT

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